Collective Nouns For People

Collective Nouns For People,┬áList of Collective Nouns for People + Groups of Humans + Professions, Collective Nouns – People, Collective Nouns – Person;

Collective Nouns For People
For detailed

a band of musicians

a bevy of ladies

a board of directors

a body of men

a bunch of crocks

a caravan of gypsies

a choir of singers

a class of students

a company of actors

a congregation of worshippers

a troupe of artistes

a crew of sailors

a crowd of people

a dynasty of kings

a gang of prisoners

a group of dancers

a horde of savages

a host of angels

a line of kings

a mob of rioters

a pack of thieves

a party of friends

a patrol of policemen

a posse of policemen

a regiment of soldiers

a staff of employees

a team of players

a tribe of natives

a troop of scouts