Examples of Collective Nouns

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Examples of Collective Nouns

a cluster of coconuts

a cloud of dust

a clump of bushes

a collection of coins

a comb of bananas

a bevy of ladies

a murder of crows

8.a battery of guns

a block of flats

a book of notes

a bouquet of flowers

a bowl of rice

a bunch of keys

a bundle of sticks

a catalogue of prices

a chest of drawers

a nest of mice

a pack of wolves

a plague of locusts

a pride of lions

a school of whales

a body of men

a crew of sailors

a crowd of people

a dynasty of kings

Pocket of Oranges

Pod of Peas

Punnet of Strawberries

Purse of Winnings

A cloud of dust

Fitting of Sails

Fleet of Boats

Fleet of Cars

Quiver of Arrows

Range of Mountains

Roll of Coins

Rope of Onions

Rope of Pearls

Rouleau of Money

Round of Drinks

Serving of Spoons

A group of islands

A fleet of ships

Flight of Steps

Galaxy of Starlets

A library of books

An outfit of clothes

a gang of prisoners

a group of dancers

a horde of savages

a host of angels

a line of kings

a mob of rioters

a pack of thieves

a party of friends

a patrol of policemen

a posse of policemen

a regiment of soldiers

a staff of employees

a team of players