What is Noun Clause, Example Sentences

A noun clause is that contains a finite verb and functioning like a noun within a sentences. What is Noun Clause, Example Sentences;

Noun Clause in English

Noun Clause withthat

  • He knows that I am a dentist.
  • She said that her friend’s name was Sam.
  • We know that he doesn’t eat meat.
  • I can understand that you won’t be always with me.
  • I think that you should support your sister.
  • She believed that I was right.


Noun Clause withiforwhether

  • I don’t know if my brother is at home.
  • Whether he’s passed exam is still unknown.
  • I wonder whether he’s passed the exam or not.
  • He wants to learn whether there is a party today or not.
  • Everybody asked if you could help.
  • I don’t know if she wants to come with us.


Noun Clause withwhwords

  • Please tell me who came to the party.
  • You haven’t told me whose car this is.
  • I wonder why Sarah is absent.
  • I can’t tell you where he lives.
  • I don’t remember when Mary was born.
  • I can’t remember how much it costs.
  • I wonder who lives in that place.