10 Phrasal Verbs With Meanings

English 10 Phrasal Verbs With Meanings, Phrasal verbs, definitions and example sentences;

10 Phrasal Verbs With Meanings in English

  1. Readoff

read some information that is printed or displayed on something

The nurse read off patient’s temperature from the thermometer.


  1. 2. Get through

to be connected by phone

She got through to wrong department.


  1. Ask after

to ask for information about someone

Did she ask after me in her letter?


  1. Carry over

continue past a certain point

The meeting carried over into lunch time.


  1. Run after

to chase someone or something

I wish my cat wouldn’t run after trucks.


  1. 6. Come along

accompany someone

If you want, they can come along.


  1. Keep to

Persist in, continue

He kept to puzzle until it was done.


  1. 8. Make over

Do again

The teacher made him do his homework over.


  1. 9. Do without

Manage without something one needs

She can‘t do without a bicycle.


  1. 10. Hold on

To wait particularly on the phone

They’ll hold on another minute, then They’ll have to go.

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