Phrasal Verbs – ASK

English Phrasal verbs with Ask in english;

Phrasal Verbs - ASK

Ask after

Meaning: to ask for information about someone

Example Sentences;

  • Tell your mother I was asking after her.
  • Did she ask after me in her letter?


Ask out

Meaning: to invite someone to come with you to a place

Example Sentences;

  • You should ask her out sometime.
  • My brother asked us out for dinner to celebrate the success of his new venture.


Ask back

Meaning: To invite someone to return to a place

Example Sentences;

  • I’ve been asked back to the college.
  • I hoped he wouldn’t ask me back.


Ask over

Meaning: Invite them to come from their house to your house

Example Sentences;

  • She asked me over to her home.
  • I asked his over so we could talk about what was on his mind.