Phrasal Verbs – COME in English

Phrasal Verbs with COME in English, phrasal verbs list come, come along, come across, come up with, come off, come forward, come apart, come back, come by;

Phrasal Verbs with Come in English

Come across

Find unexpectedly

My mother came across these money when She was washing clothes.


Come up with

Produce or create

He came up with a great proposal for new work.


Come off

Fall off, break off

The handle come off the suitcase when I picked it up.


Come by

Make a visit

Please come by my Office after work.


Come back


What time are they coming back?


Come apart


The top and bottom come apart.


Come forward

to offer your help (volunteer)

Several people came forward with information.


Come along

Accompany someone
If they want, they can come along.