Phrasal Verbs for ANIMALS

English phrasal verbs list, definitions and example sentences, Phrasal Verbs for ANIMALS;

Phrasal Verbs for ANIMALS

Chicken out

Definition: To not do something because you’re afraid

Example Sentences: I had never ridden on a motor-cycle before. But it was too late to chicken out.

Horse around

Definition: Play in a loud / rough way

Example Sentences: The girls were horsing around on the boat when one of them fell overboard.

Wolf down

Definition: Eat very quickly

Example Sentences: Don’t wolf down your food.

Beaver away

Definition: Work hard doing something

Example Sentences: They’ve been beavering away for hours.

Duck out

Definition: Leave quickly and unannounced

Example Sentences: Michael ducked out of his forced marriage to a cousin.

Pick out

Definition: Eat a lot of food at once

Example Sentences: He was picked out from dozens of applicants for the job.

Monkey around

Definition: To do things in an unserious way

Example Sentences: We just monkeyed around all afternoon.

Rat on

Definition: Inform on to a person in a position of authority

Example Sentences: I never thought Alex would rat on me.