Phrasal Verbs for EDUCATION

English phrasal verbs list, definitions and example sentences, Phrasal Verbs for education;

Phrasal Verbs for EDUCATION

Go over

Definition: Check something carefully

Example Sentences: I’m not sure that I understand. Go over it again.


Copy out

Definition: Write sth again exactly as it was written

Example Sentences: They always copy out sentences from a book.


Fall behind

Definition: make less progress than others

Example Sentences: If you fall behind, you do not make progress.


Read up on

Definition: Study something by reading a lot about it

Example Sentences: I was very interested in the topic of the class so at home I read up on it.


Hand out

Definition: Give sth to each person in a group

Example Sentences: Would you hand these papers out for me?


Take up

Definition: Start doing a new activity

Example Sentences: Mark taken up football yesterday.


Be into

Definition: Be interested in sth in active way

Example Sentences: Are you into Spanish?


Catch up with

Definition: Improve and reach the same standard as other people

Example Sentences: I need to catch up with Mary.