Phrasal Verbs for HEALTH

English Phrasal Verbs for HEALTH, Phrasal Verbs about, related to HEALTH;

Phrasal Verbs for HEALTH

Pass away

Definition: Die

Example Sentence: Her uncle passed away last week.


Come round

Definition: Become conscious

Example Sentence: When she came round, I was gone.


Come down with

Definition: To start to suffer from an illness

Example Sentence: He came down with a bad cold.


Dose up with

Definition: To give somebody/yourself a medicine or drug

Example Sentence: She dosed himself up with vitamin pills.


Pass out

Definition: Faint, lose consciousness

Example Sentence: People everywhere were passing out from the heat.


Come down with

Definition: Become sick (not seriously)

Example Sentence: I think I’m coming down with the flu.


Fight off

Definition: Free yourself from an illness

Example Sentence: His body couldn’t fight the infection off.


Get over

Definition: Recover from something

Example Sentence: It’s taken me ages to get over the flu.