Phrasal Verbs for KITCHEN

English Phrasal Verbs for KITCHEN, Phrasal verbs about kitchen in english;

Phrasal Verbs for KITCHEN

Fry up

Definition: Cook something by frying

Example Sentence: Let’s fry some eggs up for dinner.


Pig out

Definition: Eat a large amount of food

Example Sentence: During the weekend she pigged out on fast food.


Warm up

Definition: Make something warm

Example Sentence: I’II warm up some meat for dinner.


Crop up

Definition: Cut into pieces, usually with several sharp blows

Example Sentence: Mary was busy chopping up potatoes.


Pick at

Definition: Eat only small amounts of a meal

Example Sentence: Most of the time she just picks at her food.


Eat out

Definition: Instead of home, eat in a restaurant

Example Sentence: Let’s eat out tonight, I don’t feel like cooking.


Slice off

Definition: Cut something from a larger piece

Example Sentence: He sliced off a piece of apple.


Boil away

Definition: Cause liquid to evaporate completely boiling

Example Sentence: Check every 10 minutes to make sure the water has not boiled away.