Phrasal Verbs for Relationships

English Phrasal Verbs for Relationships, Phrasal verbs related to relationships in english, explanation, definitions and example sentences;

Phrasal Verbs for Relationships

Check out

Look at sb to determine their attractiveness

Were you checking me out, or did I imagine it?


Fall out

Argue with someone and stop being friendly with them

It was the first time Jack and I had fallen out.


Put up with

Accept an unpleasant situation without complaining

They put up with her violent temper.


Settle down

Make a decision to have a committed relationship

He used to date a lot of women, but he has finally settled down.


Split up

to end a relationship

I hope Alex and Michael don’t split up.


Make up

Forgive each other after an argument or disagreement

Has she made it up with his yet?


Break up with

Terminate a relationship

Are you thinking about breaking up with her?


Look up to

Respect and admire someone

I’ve always looked up to Mary for her determination about work.