Phrasal Verbs for SHOPPING

English phrasal verbs list, definitions and example sentences, Phrasal Verbs for shopping, shopping phrasal verbs;

Phrasal Verbs for SHOPPING

Sell out

Meaning: Sell all of the supply that you have of something

Example Sentence: Basketball games often sell out well in advance.


Put on

Meaning: To see if something is worth trying

Example Sentence: Alex put on his jacket.


Pay for

Meaning: Act of paying money

Example Sentence: She might pay for dinner.


Take off

Meaning: Remove a piece of clothing

Example Sentence: Remember to take your shoes off before entering the house.


Help out

Meaning: To assist someone

Example Sentence: If you’ve got the time help out with our relative’s work.


Queue up

Meaning: Wait in a line behind people

Example Sentence: I hate having to queue up so early just to get football match tickets.


Pop into

Meaning: To visit briefly

Example Sentence: I’m going to pop into the supermarket for a moment.


Splash out

Meaning: Spend money freely

Example Sentence: He splashed out on a iPhone.