Phrasal Verbs for SLEEP

Phrasal Verbs for SLEEP, English phrasal verbs related to sleep;

Phrasal Verbs for SLEEP

Sleep in

Definition: Sleep longer than wanted

Example Sentence: They usually sleep in on Saturday mornings.


Get up

Definition: Stop sleeping and leave bed

Example Sentence: I first thing I do when I get up is go to the toilet.


Lie down

Definition: Rest on your back

Example Sentence: She lay down on the bedroom and soon fell asleep.


Doze off

Definition: Go to sleep, especially when you did not intend to

Example Sentence: I closed my eyes for a minute and must have dozed off.


Wake up

Definition: Stop sleeping, or make someone stop sleeping

Example Sentence: They often wake up at 7. am.


Drop off

Definition: Fall asleep easily, without intending to

Example Sentence: He kept dropping off at his desk.


Sleep over

Definition: Sleep at a friend’s house

Example Sentence: Our sister is having a sleep over for her friends tomorrow.


Sleep through

Definition: Cause liquid to evaporate completely boiling

Example Sentence: I can’t believe you slept through my recital, Dad!