Phrasal Verbs – PUT in English

English Phrasal verbs list with PUT, phrasal verbs put definitions and example sentences;


Phrasal Verbs – PUT in English

Put by

means to save money

We’ll start to put by extra some pounds every month.


Put through

to connect sb by phone
Could you put me through to him, please?


Put away

means to tidy

Put your toys away now.


Put sb off

means to distract

Don’t put me off – I’m trying to concentrate.


Put down

means to insult

My boss is always putting me down.


Put on

means to dress

Put your shoes on – We are going out.


Put up with

sb/sth means to tolerate

I don’t know why she puts up with him.


Put sth off

means to delay

He decided to put the meeting off until Friday.