Phrasal Verbs – TAKE

English Phrasal verbs with Take in english;

Phrasal Verbs Take

Take after sb

Meaning: To resemble sb. If you take after sb, you are similar to or resemble someone in appearance or character or attitude or behavior, etc.

Example Sentences;

  • He takes after his father.
  • I take after my sister with my love of roses.


Take apart

To separate sth. If you take something apart, you seperate it into its component parts.

Example Sentences;

  • The teacher will take apart our essays in front of the class.
  • She took apart the scene in detail.


Take against

To start to dislike sb/sth. If you take against someone or something, you start to dislike someone or something.

Example Sentences;

  • I take against him. Because he is not sympathetic.
  • After she imitated my project, I took against her.



Take on

To accept job, etc. If you take something on, you accept a job or work or responsibility.

Example Sentences;

  • The woman takes too much on. Probably
  • She will be ill. I can’t take on too much work.



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