Phrasal Verbs with ASK

Phrasal Verbs with ASK, phrasal verbs ask in english, ask about, ask over, ask in, ask out, ask something of, ask round, ask after, ask back;

Phrasal Verbs with ASK in English

Ask in

To invite somebody into your house

She ask me in.

Ask after

to ask for information about someone

Tell your mother I was asking after her.

Ask over

Invite them to come from their house to your house

She asked me over to her home.

Ask about

ask how someone is doing

She asked about you.

Ask round

Invite someone

I asked Michael around to watch a movie.

Ask back

To invite someone to return to a place.

I’ve been asked back to the college.

Ask something of

To request something of another person

I hope he doesn’t ask that of me

Ask out

to invite someone to come with you to a place

You should ask her out sometime.