Phrasal Verbs with BACK

Phrasal Verbs with BACK in english, phrasal verbs related to BACK, back away, back out, back into, back up, back down, back onto, back off;

Phrasal Verbs with BACK in English

Back away

Move in backward direction

They backed away from the girl weilding a knife not wanting to get stabbed.


Back out

Withdraw from something one has agreed to do

He backed out of the agreement.


Back into

Enter a parking space or hit something in reverse gear

He backed into me in reverse at a stop sign.


Back up

To repeat something that you already said

They are explaining math lesson so fast. Can they back up a little?


Back down

To admit that you were wrong

Mary never backs down. She loves to argue and generally wins.


Back onto

Reverse a vehicle onto something

The vehicle backed onto my father’s toe.


Back off

Lower the setting of

My son! Could you back off the volume a bit, please?


Back off

Retreat, make space

You better back off a little if you want me to start serving this crown again