Phrasal Verbs with BRING

English Phrasal Verbs with BRING, meaning and example sentences;


Phrasal Verbs with BRING in English

Bring about

to cause something to happen

Her reckless driving brought about an accident.


Bring down

reduce the level of something

They’ve brought down the price of new Play Station.


Bring out

make someone show a quality they have

A crisis can bring out the best in people.


Bring along

bring someone or something to certain place

I brought my sister along to the math lesson.


Bring up


I don’t like bringing it up but you still owe me a notebook.


Bring off

succeed in sth difficult

If they bring this off they’ll be rich.


Bring back

fetch something

Should I bring the car back with a empty tank?


Bring forth

Generate, bring into existence

Samuel brought forth a new line of the car design.