Phrasal Verbs with CALL

English Phrasal Verbs with CALL, phrasal verbs with call, examples and definitions


Phrasal Verbs with CALL in English

Call away

to summon to carry on another activity

They was called away from the lesson to deal with a medical emergency.


Call back

to visit again, to telephone again

I’ll call you back you.


Call at

to stop briefly

The bus called at the station


Call off

recall; to cancel or calla halt to

She decided to call off her regular press conference.


Call for

to need something

They made repeated calls for donations.


Call forth

to cause, to come into action or existence

He called forth all his courage.


Call on

to make a short visit

She’s planning to call on Jim today.


Call out

to challenge to fight a duel

He called her out on her lies.