Phrasal Verbs with CHECK in English

English Phrasal verbs with Check; check into, check off, check out, check over, check with, check in, check by, check back;

Phrasal Verbs with CHECK in English
Check into

Meaning; Enter a hospital etc

Example Sentence; We need to check into the hotel at 11:00 AM.


Check off

Meaning; Make a mark next to

Example Sentence; Check each name off the list.


Check out

Meaning; Look at

Example Sentence; Check out that cute car!


Check over

Meaning; Closely examine the condition of something

Example Sentence; She checked over the old house to see if it was worth buying.


Check with

Meaning;Ask a person for confirmation

Example Sentence; She needs to check with her parents before she goes.


Check in

Meaning;Arrive and register at the hotel or airport

Example Sentence; They will get the hotel keys when we check in.


Check by

Meaning;Go to a place to see if everything Ok

Example Sentence; We need to check by the Office to see if the documents are ready.


Check back

Meaning;Return to see if everything is Ok

Example Sentence; They will check back next week to make sure the report.