Phrasal Verbs with COME

English Phrasal Verbs with COME, come about, come back, come along, come away, come across, come by, come out, come to;

Phrasal Verbs with COME in English
Come about

Meaning: occur / happen

Example Sentences; How did you idea for the new movie come about.


Come back

Meaning: return

Example Sentence: What time are you coming back?


Come along

Meaning: accompany someone

Example Sentence: If you want, they can come along.


Come away

Meaning: leave a place with a particular feeling or impression

Example Sentence: I had to come away from the party early.


Come across

Meaning: discover by accident

Example Sentence: I came across a car I’d never seen before.


Come by

Meaning: visit a person at their house

Example Sentence: I’ll come by later this afternoon.


Come out

Meaning: appear

Example Sentence: I didn’t see the bicycle at first. It came out of nowhere.


Come to

Meaning: regain consciousness

Example Sentence: He always comes to after a few minutes. Don’t worry.