Phrasal Verbs with MAKE in English

Phrasal Verbs with MAKE in English, make off, make up, make for, make of, make out, make up, make up for, make over;

Phrasal Verbs with MAKE in English

Make off

Definition;Hurry away, escape

Example Sentence; The thieves made off before the police arrived.


Make up

Definition; Forgive each other

Example Sentence; Alex and Mary angry yesterday, but they made up this morning.


Make for

Definition; Move towards

Example Sentence; He already made for home when I arrived.


Make of

Definition; Understand, find a reason

Example Sentence; 
I don’t know what to make of his behaviour.


Make out

Definition; Decipher

Example Sentence; Anybody can’t make out her handwriting.


Make up

Definition; Invent, lie about something

Example Sentence; Mary made up a story about why she was late.


Make up for

Definition; Compensate for something

Example Sentence; I don’t eat dinner but I make up for it at breakfast.


Make over

Definition; Do again

Example Sentence; The teacher made him do his homework over.