Phrasal Verbs with MAKE

English Phrasal Verbs with MAKE, definitions and example sentences, make up for, make over, make off, make up, make for, make of, make out;


Phrasal Verbs with MAKE in English
Make off

Hurry away, escape

The thieves made off before the police arrived.


Make up

Forgive each other

Alex and Mary angry yesterday, but they made up this morning.


Make for

Move towards
He already made for home when I arrived.


Make of

Understand, find a reason

I don’t know what to make of his behaviour.


Make out


Anybody can’t make out her handwriting.


Make up

Invent, lie about something

Mary made up a story about why she was late.


Make up for

Compensate for something

I don’t eat dinner but I make up for it at breakfast.


Make over

Do again

The teacher made him do his homework over.