Phrasal Verbs with SET in English

Phrasal Verbs with SET in English, phrasal verbs with set, definitions and example sentences;


Phrasal Verbs with SET in English

Set down

to write or print something

The rules of this place are set down in this handbook.


Set about

to begin or start doing something

We set about organizing a party.


Set forth

to begin travelling

We set forth at noon.


Set off

to start a journey or trip

We will set off next week.


Set out

to leave a place and begin a journey

We set out on a lonely journey.


Set aside

to seperate or to reserve something for a particular aim.

John set aside some money fo his kid’s future.


Set back

to delay something or somebody

The engineers have some problems with the project which will set us back at least two weeks.


Set up

to make something ready to use

It will take a half hour set up the tent.