20 Examples of Prefixes

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20 Examples of Prefixes


de-, dis- opposite of, not depose, detour, dehydrated, decaffeinated, discord, discomfort, disengage
trans- across; move between transatlantic, transcend, transfer, transact, transport
inter- between, among interstate, international, intermission, intermingle, interface
sub- under submarine, subtext, substandard, subsitute, subversive
over- too much overload, overdo, overact, overboard, overdose
non- not nonsense, nonverbal, nonstick, nonspecific
en-, em- cause to enjoy, endure, enlighten, entail, empathy,
un- opposite uncover, unlock, unsafe, unemployment
semi- half semicircle, semiprecious, semicolon, semifinal
re- again; back rewrite, reread, return
mid- middle midterm, Midwest, midstream, midway, midnight
super- above supersonic, superstar, supernatural, superstore
fore- before foreshadow, foresight, foreseeable, forecast, foreground
pre- before preview, pretest, prevent, preplan
in- , im-, ir- into; not invade, implant, imperfect, immoral, inedible, incapable, irregular, irresponsible, irritate
mis- wrongly misjudge, misinterpret, misguided, mismatch, misplace

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