100 Most Important Prepositions

100 Most Important Prepositions, prepositions list in english, most common used prepositions;

100 Most Important Prepositions List

1.Accustomed to

2.Accused of

3.Bad at

4.Happy about

5.Appreciated for

6.Based on

7.Interested in

8.Derived from

9.Addicted to

10.Ashamed of

11.Associated with

12.Brillant at

13.Anxious about

14.Boastful for

15.Keen on

16.Depend on

17.Different from

18.Safe from

19.Allergic to

20.Attached to

21.Beneficial to

22.Capable of

23.Clever at

24.Certain about

25.Eligible for

26.Experienced in

27.Exposed to

28.Conscious of

29.Bored with

30.Busy with

31.Furious about

32.Famous for

33.Suitable for

34.Shocked by

35.Immune to

36.Limited to

37.Enivous of

38.Gentle with

39.Sick of

40.Tired of

41.Crowded with

42.Slow at

43.Sad about

44.Punished for

45.Relevant to

46.Scared of

47.Guilty of

48.Wrong with

49.Thankful to

50.Free of

51.Astonished at

52.Full of

53.Trilled with

54.Popular with

55.Lucky at

56.Patient with

57.Rid of

58.Satisfied with

59.Fond of

60.Suspicious of

61.Involved with

62.Good at

63.Upset about

64.Eager for

65.Pessimistic about

66.Proud of

67.Frightened of

68.Friendly with

69.Opposed to

70.Devoid of

71.Suffer from

72.Aware of

73.Associated with

74.Ready for

75.Yield to

76.Obsessed with

77.Peer at

78.Notorious for

79.Search for

80.Accuse of

81.Short of

82.Succeed in

83.Distinguish from

84.Refrain from

85.Irrespective of

86.Deal with

87.Contrary to

88.Obliged to

89.Capable of

90.Composed of

91.Dependent on

92.Prone to

93.Worry about

94.Emerge from

95.Compatible with

96.Spend on

97.Dedicate to

98.Superior to

99.Stem from

100.Vote for