48 Sentences with Prepositions and Examples

48 Sentences with Prepositions and Examples

Prepositions do not always give their original meaning.  Some nouns, adjectives or verbs are added to the end of the written and spoken and they assume the task of their tail. In this type of use, they certainly do not assume any special meaning and are additional and should be known together in words.

Here are 48 Sentences with Prepositions;

1.Besides: Besides, it’s still early for me.

2.Between: My home is between library and bank.

3.Beside: The napkin is placed beside the plate.

4.Across: Her house is across the street.

5.Beyond: Barcelona football club’s success is beyond question.

6.Over: The window is over the radiator.

7.But: We are very hungry, but the fridge is empty.

8.Below: Your grade is below average.

9.By: I always goes to work by train.

10.Except: Nobody came the party except George and Alex.

11.After: Put a period after each sentence.

12.For: Is the coffee too hot for you?

13.From: Where are you from?

14.Hence: We travel hence tomorrow to France.

15.Outside: There’s a bird’s nest outside my window.

16.Through: The bird flew through the open window.

17.Without: I feel sad without you.

18.About: They have a discussion about football.

19.Above: A plane is flying above the village.

20.Abroad: Mary went abroad.

21.Across: You can swim across the river.

22.After: I slept after I arrived at my house.

23.Against: This company is up against bankruptcy.

24.Ago: She came back school a while ago.

25.In: I live in London.

26.In accordance with: In accordance with the doctor, she is very sick.

27.In addition to: In addition to his car, he has a jeep.

28.Into: Go into the her room and take wallet.

29.Like: She is very clever like me.

30.Against: His bicycle was leaning against the fence.

31.Near: I live near the sea.

32.Next: The two teams play voleyball  the next day.

33.Next to: My wallet is next to pen.

34.Around: Let’s take a walk around the park.

35.Notwithstanding: Notwithstanding the bad weather, they went for a walk.

36.Up: The fish were swimming up the river.

37.Of: This is a car of my family.

38.Into: We saw her going into the theater.

39.At: He is a student at a very good university.

40.In front of: There are many cars parked in front of my house.

41.Ahead of: We are ahead of our work schedule.

42.Along: Are you going along?

43.Amidst: I think my sister was luck woman. My sister was born and reared amidst plenty.

44.As well as: My son plays the piano as well as he plays basketball.

45.In: I can meet you in an hour.

46.Aside: My family has a little money put aside.

47.Through: We walked slowly through the road.

48.Within: She arrived within 10 minutes.