75 Very Important Prepositions

75 Very Important Prepositions in english, Most Important Prepositions and Examples in english;

75 Important Prepositions in English

1.Suffer from

2.Recover from

3.Distinct from

4.Focus on

5.Abstain from

6.Get rid of

7.Search for

8.Accustomed to

9.Wait for

10.Obsessed with

11.Peer at

12.Lead to

13.Convert to

14.Approve of

15.Cope with

16.Fed up with

17.Respond to

18.Differ from

19.Hinder from

20.Infer from

21.Vote for

22.Indifferent to

23.Stem from

24.Associated with

25.Derive from

26.Responsible for

27.Accuse of

28.Aware of

29.Exempt from

30.Benefit from

31.Superior to

32.Contribute to

33.Prevent from

34.Dedicate to

35.Notorious for

36.Spend on

37.Oppose to

38.Insist on

39.Consist of

40.Deprived of

41.Adapted to

42.Compatible with

43.Persist in

44.Susceptible to

45.Addicted to

46.Content with

47.Blame for

48.Tend to

49.Ask for

50.Equal to

51.Short of

52.Ready for

53.Famous for

54.Succeed in

55.Yield to

56.Distinguish from

57.Refrain from

58.Irrespective of

59.Deal with

60.Involve in

61.Contrary to

62.Obliged to

63.Capable of

64.Composed of

65.Count on

66.Keen on

67.Devote to

68.Account for

69.Exposed to

70.Dependent on

71.Devoid of

72.Prone to

73.Worry about

74.Emerge from

75.Fond of


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