8 Types of Prepositions With Examples

8 Types of Prepositions With Examples

1.Preposition of Time

ON (days and dates) IN (longer periods) AT (the time of day)
On Tuesday In 2010 At sunset
On Saturday In 18th century At sunrise
On 5 April In the 1960s At bedtime
On 12 Mar. 2019 In the next century At noon
On Sunday morning(s) In the Ice Age At dinnertime
On Christmas Day In February At midnight
On my birthday In the middle ages At 11.30pm


2.Preposition of Place


Her house is across the street.



Put a period after each sentence.



His bicycle was leaning against the fence.



The house is among pine trees.


The shop is just around the corner.



She is at the store.



I have your assignment before me now.


3.Preposition of Movement

4.Preposition of Manner

5.Preposition of Agent of Instrument

6.Preposition of Measure

7.Preposition of Source

8.Preposition of Possession