English Prepositional Phrases List IN

Prepositional Phrases List IN in English

English Prepositional Phrases List In

in a good mood in moderation
in a hurry in no time
in a mess in one’s free time
in a way in other words
in action in pain
in addition in particular
in advance in person
in agreement with in practice/theory
in any case in prison/jail
in brief in private/public
in case in return
in case of in sb’s interest
in cash in sb’s opinion
in charge of in season
in common (with) in secret
in comparison in self-defence
in conclusion in some respects
in confidence in stock

English Prepositional Phrases List In

in difficulty in the dark
in disguise in the end
in doubt in the habit of
in exchange for in the meantime
in fact in the mood for
in fashion in the mountains
in favour of in the news
in front of in the nude
in future in time
in general in touch
in good/bad condition in town
in ink/pencil in two/half
in love (with) in vain
in danger (of) in tears
in debt in the air
in detail in the beginning

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