Most Important Prepositions and Examples

English Most Important Prepositions and Example sentences;

Most Important Prepositions and Examples

1.Aboard: We went aboard the boat.

2.About: What do you think about Mary?

3.Above: We are flying above the clouds.

4.Across: We drove across the desert.

5.After: Let’s meet the day after tomorrow.

6.Against: Did you vote for or against the suggestion?

7.Along: There are trees along the road.

8.Alongside: Their boat came alongside our boat.

9.Amid: I couldn’t hear her amid the noise.

10.Among: Is there a doctor among us?

11.Around: They all sat around the camp fire.

12.As: Ram is as tall as Anthony.

13.At: We are aiming at sales of $3,000,000.

14.Before: I would rather die before doing that.

15.Behind: The child was hiding behind the tree.

16.Below: Much of Holland is below sea-level.

17.Beneath: The tunnel runs beneath the sea.

18.During: I was bored during the whole film.

19.Following: We had coffee following lunch. I live in an apartment.

21.inside: It was dark inside the tunnel.

22.into: Five into ten makes two.

23.Like: It’s not like John to complain.

24.Near: It’s 20 December. We are very near Christmas Day.

25.of: What was the cost of this book? They live in a street off Fifth Avenue.

27.on: We live on a busy road. It’s very noisy.

28.outside: It was very cold outside the car.

29.over: Let’s discuss it over dinner.

30.throughout: He worked throughout the day, and most of the night. The museum is open from Monday to Friday.

32.toward: He drove off toward(s) the mountain.

33.under: We drove under a bridge.

34.underneath: The nurse put a pillow underneath his head.

35.up: Jack and Jill ran up the hill

36.upon: I need a book upon bio-chemistry.:

37.via: We flew from Paris to Bangkok via Dubai.

38.within: There is a modem within the computer.

39. with: I discussed it with her.

40. without: I want trousers without buttons.