Prepositional Phrases – At

Prepositional phrases – at, english prepositional phrases at in english;

Prepositiona Phrases - At in english

At the age ofI learnt to drive at the age of 18.
At workI’m at work right now.
At onceYou must phone the ambulance at once.
At leastMost Japanese eat rice at least once a day.
At randomNumbers are selected at random in a lottery.
At a glanceI knew at a glance that something was wrong.
At firstAt first, I was happy here but now I’m not.
At a guessAt a guess, 30 people were at the party.
At the bottom ofThere’s a market at the bottom of this hill.
At nightI can’t study during the day. I must study at night.

At presentAt present, I’m working for a multinational.
At faultWho was at fault for the accident?
At the doorThere is a police at the door.
At all costsI need to pass this exam at all costs.
At handI always have some Money at hand in case I need it.
At the endI’m going to London at the end of the month.
At ones deskMy boss spoke to me at my desk.
At schoolI will meet my friend at school.
At the top ofAt the top of the list definition is better than all the others.