Prepositional Phrases List – AT

Prepositional Phrases – AT, prepositional phrases list in english;

Prepositional Phrase - AT

at high speed
at risk
at one’s side
at a fraction of
at the outset
at the end
at sight
at the double
at one time
at a disadvantage
at a discount
at a distance
at a glance
at a guess
at a loose and
at a loss
at a low ebb
at a moment’s notice
at a price
at a rate of
at a speed of
at a standstill
at all costs
at all events

at an advantage
at any cost
at any rate
at breakfast
at ease
at face value
at fault
at full strength
at hand
at heart
at home
at issue
at large
at least
at length
at liberty
at most
at night
at noon
at odds with
at once
at one’s best
at one’s discretion
at one’s disposal
at one’s leisure
at one’s request
at peace
at war
at play
at present
at random
at sea
at the front of
at the age of
at the beginning
at the expense of
at the foot of
at the hands of
at the height of
at the latest
at the mercy of
at the peak of
at the same time
at the thought of
at the time of
at the top of
at this juncture
at times
at war with
at work