Prepositions of Place in English

Prepositions of place are used to show the position or location of one thing in the relation to another. Prepositions of Place in English, In, On, At, Under, Over, Below – Prepositions of Place;

Prepositions of Place in English


At reception

At the side

At the bottom

At the top

At college

At university

At school

At work

At home

At the door

At a concert

At the dinner



In a car

In a taxi

In Park Street

In a row

In the sky

In the newspaper

In a lift

In a boat

In a helicopter

In the bathroom

In Paris

In the World

In the kitchen


Under a tree

Under the table

Under the chair

Under you bed

Under a bridge

Under the water

Under the sea

Under the mistletoe

Under the ground

Under mine(my)

Under the flowerpot



On a bus

On the way

On the left

On the right

On a ship

On a plane

On the train

On a bicycle

On a motorbike

On a horse

On an elephant

On television

On the second floor



Below the surface

Below the ceiling

Below the table





Over my head

Over the floor

Over 18 years old



Above the washbasin

Above the us

Above the dog

Above the car

Above the clouds