Prepositions – Out, By, For

English Prepositions – Out, By, For. Prepositions out, prepositions by, prepositions for;


Prepositions - Out - By - For


out of work

out of fashion

out of print

out of step

out of breath

out of context

out of control

out of curiosity

out of doors

out of duty

out of hand

out of jealousy

out of date

out of pity

out of place

out of practice

out of reach

out of respect for

out of sight

out of spite

out of stock

out of order

out of the ordinary

out of the question

out of one’s mind

out of ideas



by virtue of

by way of

by chance

by the name of

by luck

by accident

by air

by sea

by land

by all accounts

by all means

by coincidence

by courtesy of

by definition

by degrees

by design

by dint of

by far

by force

by hand

by heart

by law

by check

by no means

by oneself

by order of



for a good cause

for a reason

for a change

for certain

for fear of

for good

for granted

for hire

for the benefit (of)

for lack of

for life

for love

for my

for real

for the good of

for the sake of

for want of