100 English Sentences

100 English Sentences

1.Although the weather was very hot, he wore coats and sweaters.

2.If you work hard, you will be successful too.

3.I ran into a big problem when I least expected it.

4.My aunt’s library had many books to count.

5.He had some psychological problems that could not be treated with medication.

6.I quit my job and came to Los Angeles for you.

7.I value you and my family very much.

8.Can you hand me the pen?

9.If they like, I can carry some bags for you.

10.My baby brother should be asleep by now.

11.He could play football well when he was a kid.

12.He could have taken the flight.

13.We may have passed the math exam, but it was in Spanish.

14.You might have sold the car., if you really needed the Money.

15.You should have listened to the teacher.

16.We must have been crazy!

17.He shouldn’t have told the.

18.He has a cat and his cat breed is Scottish Fold.

19.I accidentally broke my mom’s favorite vase.

20.It was spilled wine on my favorite sweater by my sister.

21.They don’t live near here.

22.I’m sorry but this is not mine.

23.I do not love you anymore.

24.I will not go to school today.

25.I didn’t see him today.

26.The meal is not ready.

27.This old man was not actually right.

28.She does not loves to play piano.

29.Mary did not win the match.

30.Today we will watch TV.

31.There was no peach orchard on site of this building.

32.He does not catches the bus every morning.

33.Alex isn’t telling the truth.

34.I don’t want too drink too much.

35.He couldn’t get unhealthy food.

36.We don’t have a house.

37.Alex won’t be coming to the movies. He is very busy.

38.You are not lazy students.

39.I don’t take the trash out.

40.He didn’t get a passing grade because he didn’t work hard enough.

41.It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.

42.You don’t teach your cat tricks.

43.This is mine dog.

44.You are not an engineer.

45.The dog cannot walk itself.

46.I will not love you.

47.The coat I gave him couldn’t fit on it.

48.My father did not even bother to answer me.

49.There is no play with fire.

50.I will not have dinner tonight.

51.They would go to the movies if you are interested.

52.If I had a car, I would drive around the world.

53.I could barely walk when I was a baby.

54.Could you ever excited when you took the exams?

55.I couldn’t draw pictures in high school.

56.If you can speak more than two languages, you will see that you find a job easily.

57.If you’d come with me, we could have had fun.

58.I could help you with Spanish.

59.Could I borrow your notebook?

60.Would you like a cup of tea?

61.You should go to the hospital tomorrow or you will be more sick.

62.Her lessons are so bad, you should definitely take private lessons.

63.You should study by taking notes, it becomes more memorable.

64.You should watch the movie I told you in the morning, it will improve you a lot.

65.You should to walk to work.

66.You should save some money.

67.You should do more exercise.

68.I think we should wait for her now.

69.May I ask a question?

70.Would you like some help?

71.You should take a break and get some rest.

72.I may get bad grades in exams, I’m not sure of any.

73.I can swim every Tuesday.

74.The roads snowed all night on the rocks, watch out that your car may slide.

75.They may have moved here two years ago.

76.She may have heard everything you just said.

77.I bought myself a thick coat in case it may be very rainy this winter.

78.I told him all the facts that it may upset him that I lied.

79.May I leave early today?

80.I may take you to work if you want.

81.There’s no chair to sit anywhere, May I sit next to you?

82.I can speak three languages.

83.Tomorrow I will be in New York.

84.He should waits.

85.I can speak English

86.You can drink my tea and read my book then.

87.I can meet you tomorrow.

88.She is old. She can’t play tennis.

89.Can I ask a question?

90.I knew I would win college this year.

91.When I was 6, I could ride a bike.

92.We couldn’t go out.

93.I will take these books with me.

94.What could they draw? They could draw a horse.

95.I might see her in the evening.

96.The doctor said that I might released when I feel well.

97.The director said that when you feel ready, you
might on the stage.

98.I wished you might passed the exams.

99.I wished I might go abroad.

100.I hoped you might not leave me.