20 English Sentences

20 English Sentences

1.Although the weather was very hot, he wore coats and sweaters.

2.If you work hard, you will be successful too.

3.I ran into a big problem when I least expected it.

4.My aunt’s library had many books to count.

5.He had some psychological problems that could not be treated with medication.

6.I quit my job and came to Los Angeles for you.

7.I value you and my family very much.

8.Can you hand me the pen?

9.If they like, I can carry some bags for you.

10.My baby brother should be asleep by now.

11.He could play football well when he was a kid.

12.He could have taken the flight.

13.We may have passed the math exam, but it was in Spanish.

14.You might have sold the car., if you really needed the Money.

15.You should have listened to the teacher.

16.We must have been crazy!

17.He shouldn’t have told the.

18.He has a cat and his cat breed is Scottish Fold.

19.I accidentally broke my mom’s favorite vase.

20.It was spilled wine on my favorite sweater by my sister.