20 Negative Sentences Examples

20 Negative Sentences Examples

1.They don’t live near here.

2.I’m sorry but this is not mine.

3.I do not love you anymore.

4.I will not go to school today.

5.I didn’t see him today.

6.The meal is not ready.

7.This old man was not actually right.

8.She does not loves to play piano.

9.Mary did not win the match.

10.Today we will watch TV.

11.There was no peach orchard on site of this building.

12.He does not catches the bus every morning.

13.Alex isn’t telling the truth.

14.I don’t want too drink too much.

15.He couldn’t get unhealthy food.

16.We don’t have a house.

17.Alex won’t be coming to the movies. He is very busy.

18.You are not lazy students.

19.I don’t take the trash out.

20.He didn’t get a passing grade because he didn’t work hard enough.