200 English Sentences, Common Sentences Examples

200 English Sentences, Common Sentences Examples

1.High voltage! Do not touch!

2.How beautiful this city is!

3.He is such a kind person!

4.But don’t forget what I said!

5.You are such a liar!

6.What a cute squirrel cub!

7.What an idea!

8.Hurray, we won the match!

9.What a wonderful gift!

10.What a bad man he is!

11.I’m so angry right now!

12.What a rude girl she is!

13.How much my flowers grew in the sunlight!

14.What a colourful bird it is!

15.You did a great job!

16.Emily’s car was so amazing!

17.How fast did you speak!

18.I have a great idea!

19.I love you!

20.I did it!

21.Wait, that bridge is rotten!

22.Stay there, don’t come here!

23.What a cute child!

24.Let the stone fall on me!

25.I’m so mad at her!

26.Please, help me now!

27.Off, what does this kid eat and drink there?

28.Your kitten is such a sweetie!

29.Egh, this cake is so ugly!

30.Wow, he doesn’t know much!

31.I saw my favorite movie!

32.I hate you!

33.We won!


35.This is such an amazing meal!

36.What a good dog!

37.Here he comes!


39.Come here Ella, quick!

40.Caution, the soil may slip!

41.What a shame!

42.Oh, my God, would you stop by here!

43.Ooo, are you here!

44.Oh, I was going to be there now!

45.Wow, I like you!

46.How interesting he is!

47.That birthday girl was so beautiful!

48.Oh No! He is not coming to the party!

49.Sara, wipe the board!

50.There is a snake in the backyard!


52.Well, enough!

53.This is Sparta!

54.What beautiful roses!

55.Ice cream waffles are my favorite!

56.Hop, this is private property; You can not!

57.Wow, you didn’t win the exam!


59.Don’t talk, get out!

60.What a beautiful day!

61.What an ugly duck!

62.Great, let’s go to the movies!

63.Hah, okay, now it’s beautiful!

64.Ouch! its hurting.

65.Alas, it will rain again!

66.Don’t do that!

67.Hello! Listen!

68.How clever you are!

69.Wow ! the puppy is so cute.

70.Hey, no smoking in here!

71.Thanks, boss!

72.What a beautiful daisy!

73.What a coincidence this is!

74.God, I’m in heaven!

75.What a beautiful girl she is!

76.How sweet a dog it is!

77.What big eyes you have grandma!

78.Like you’re a big person!

79.Happy birthday, mommy!

80.I am not taking it!

81.I am angry!

82.Woe, I missed the service!

83.What a happy ending!

84.How slow they speak!

85.What a cute cat!

86.No more, give up!

87.What beautiful music he listens to!

88.What a beautiful morning this is!

89.I hate you!

90.This is a great car!

91.Hurrah! We have won the contest.

92.What a loving mother you have!

93.How clever she is!

94.What a sweet dog it is!

95.I am really going to miss this place!

96.It is so sad!

97.I will see the reports on my desk tomorrow!

98.It’s snowing!

99.We won !

100.What awful weather!

101.My father loves me very much.

102.You don’t have children.

103.You know that I love you.

104.You love me.

105.Cars in the parking lot are very expensive.

106.The sea is really beautiful.

107.They don’t go to school tomorrow.

108.If he is available, ask him to call me.

109.Every child likes an ice cream.

110.Cats hate water.

111.Scientific articles are written in the company.

112.He doesn’t teach math.

113.The train leaves at 10:30 in the morning.

114.She always forgets her purse.

115.The trees here are very tall.

116.The train leaves the station at 11 p.m. tomorrow.

117.He comes here every week.

118.When does class begin tomorrow?

119.How often does it rain in London?

120.Do they eat meat?

121.We go to a gallery every Sunday.

122.You know that I love you.

123.20 workers work in the factory.

124.Trees shed their leaves in autumn.

125.Children love the park.

126.I like reading detective stories.

127.Water freezes at zero degrees.

128.The Sun rises in the east.

129.Alex has a basketball.

130.The water of this stream is not clean.

131.She lives in London.

132.I and my sister don’t see each other anymore.

133.She doesn’t live here.

134.He goes to school.

135.You don’t need me anymore.

136.I don’t like spinach.

137.There are 5 cars in the parking lot.

138.I like geography and science.

139.Every Tuesday there is a math lesson at school.

140.We walk slowly.

141.Fish is an aquatic animal.

142.Villagers do not like to talk much.

143.A chemist sells medicines.

144.She is always hungry.

145.I have breakfast at half past seven.

146.Does she live in Paris?

147.He gets up early every day.

148.Samuel sleeps six hours every night during the week.

149.When does the train usually leave?

150.If you make a cake, you firstly break eggs.

151.Baby wakes up if we make too much noise.

152.My father’s car is red.

153.My mom cooks for us.

154.Water boils at 100° Celsius.

155.My teacher sometimes forgets his keys.

156.He loves to play basketball.

157.He is not someone who cares about me.

158.We love chocolate cake.

159.Factories pollute the environment.

160.Who lives in Madrid?

161.Do you play the piano?

162.I like ice cream.

163.There are 2 teachers in the school.

164.My mother cleans the house in the evening.

165.Cold water is consumed in summer.

166.My mother has a tumble dryer.

167.They drive their kids to school every day.

168.Alex lives in Paris.

169.There are many forests in the country.

170.They speak English in USA.

171.The train leaves every morning at 18 AM.

172.My brother’s dog barks a lot.

173.They speak English very well.

174.My uncle is a computer engineer.

175.I don’t like tea.

176.I am not Mary.

177.I always have lunch at noon.

178.There is a path from here to the village.

179.She doesn’t study German on Monday.

180.Does he play tennis?

181.People live alone in the city.

182.I have 2 sons and 1 daughter.

183.I am thirty.

184.The pictures in the exhibition are wonderful.

185.My son plays chess well.

186.Alex always solves his problem.

187.The new game is really good.

188.I often go to bed at midnight.

189.Apples are grown in summer.

190.I usually listen to music in my room.

191.Swimming is one of the best sports.

192.The trees are really beautiful.

193.She has black hair.

194.I usually have breakfast at 7:30.

195.Julie talks very fast.

196.He studies after school.

197.The children like play toys.

198.We generally sing songs all together.

199.It rains in this forest every summer.

200.We walk slowly.