50 Exclamatory Sentences Examples in English

50 Exclamatory Sentences Examples in English

1.High voltage! Do not touch!

2.How beautiful this city is!

3.He is such a kind person!

4.But don’t forget what I said!

5.You are such a liar!

6.What a cute squirrel cub!

7.What an idea!

8.Hurray, we won the match!

9.What a wonderful gift!

10.What a bad man he is!

11.I’m so angry right now!

12.What a rude girl she is!

13.How much my flowers grew in the sunlight!

14.What a colorful bird it is!

15.You did a great job!

16.Emily’s car was so amazing!

17.How fast did you speak!

18.I have a great idea!

19.I love you!

20.I did it!

21.Wait, that bridge is rotten!

22.Stay there, don’t come here!

23.What a cute child!

24.Let the stone fall on me!

25.I’m so mad at her!

26.Please, help me now!

27.Off, what does this kid eat and drink there?

28.Your kitten is such a sweetie!

29.Egh, this cake is so ugly!

30.Wow, he doesn’t know much!

31.I saw my favorite movie!

32.I hate you!

33.We won!


35.This is such an amazing meal!

36.What a good dog!

37.Here he comes!


39.Come here Ella, quick!

40.Caution, the soil may slip!

41.What a shame!

42.Oh, my God, would you stop by here!

43.Ooo, are you here!

44.Oh, I was going to be there now!

45.Wow, I like you!

46.How interesting he is!

47.That birthday girl was so beautiful!

48.Oh No! He is not coming to the party!

49.Sara, wipe the board!

50.There is a snake in the backyard!