25 Examples of Simple Sentences

25 Examples of Simple Sentences

1.I want to be a computer engineer.

2.He likes to paint by himself.

3.I can run faster than him.

4.I’m not sure about the universe.

5.I lost my watch yesterday.

6.It wasn’t me who knocked on your door.

7.Everything was ready for the party.

8.No one will come after me.

9.She likes to paint by herself.

10.We went fishing after school.

11.You are very lazy.

12.You don’t teach your cat tricks.

13.I would like to help you.

14.I will get myself a coffee.

15.I will not take it from you.

16.He does not goes to gym every day.

17.He is my best friend.

18.I learnt English by myself.

19.Alex isn’t telling the truth.

20.They killed him.

21.You are not an engineer.

22.My mom likes to paint by herself.

23.You will not come with me.

24.I really need someone.

25.This was a threat to us.