Commonly Confused Words

Confused words and meaning in english,Commonly Confused Words;

Commonly Confused Words

Bizarre: strange

Bazaar: a market in the Middle East


Counsel: advice or to advise

Council: group that manages or advises


Dual: having two parts

Duel: contest between two participants


Serial: happening in a series

Cereal: breakfast food or edible grain


illicit: not allowed by law or against rules

Elicit: draw out a reply or reaction


Loathe: to hate someone or something

Loath: reluctant or unwilling


Infer: draw a conclusion from

Imply: indirectly suggest something


Dessert: sweet cource of meal

Desert: waterless, emtyp area


Lose: be deprived of or fail to win

Loose: set free or unfasten


Current: happening now

Currant: dried grape


Frieze: decoration along a Wall

Freeze: turn into ice


Climatic: relating to climate

Climactic: creating a climax


Queue: row of people or vehicles

Cue: signal to act


Diffuse: spread over wide area

Defuse: make a situation less tense


Envelope: paper container for a letter

Envelop: cover or surround something


Canvass: seek someone’s vote

Canvas: strong type of cloth


Exorcise: drive out an evil spirit

Exercise: physical activiy


Immoral: not following moral standards

Amoral: unconcerned with right or wrong