Doctor, help me!

Doctor, help me!, How to speak to doctor English;

Doctor, help me!

I feel sick and painful. I feel hot and cold.

My ears are sore!

I’ve been having difficulty sleeping.

I need a sick note.

I’ve got a temperature sore throat.

My arm is sore!

My throat is dry! I can’t stop caughing!

I’ve been feeling depressed.

My head hurts! What is wrong with me?

I think I might be pregnant.

My legs feel weak!

I’ve got a sprained ankle.

I have a cold for two weeks.

I’m diabetic.

I’ve been having headaches.

I cut my finger! The bleeding won’t stop.

My legs feel weak!

I have a tootache! I think I have a cavity!

My skin is itchy! I can’t stop scratching!

I’ve got a lump.

I think I’ve pulled a muscle in my leg.

I’m asthmatic.

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