Invitations, Accepting and Refusing in English

English invitations, accepting and refusing invitations examples, invitations phrases, accepting invitations phrases and refusing invitations phrases in english, samples;

Invitations, Accepting and Refusing Invitations in English

How about a game of football
on Monday?
Yes, I’d like that.Sorry, I’m busy.
Would you like to come to the
theater with me tonight?
Sure! I’d love to. Thanks.Sorry. Maybe some
other time.
Will you join me for tea?Sure! Good idea.I can’t. I’ve got other plans.
I’ve got two tickets for a cinema on Saturday.
Would you like to come?
Super!. I’d love to.I’d love to but I’m very busy
Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?That sounds great.I’m busy tonight. How about
How about coming to the picnic at the
football club?
Sure! That sound be fun.Sorry. I’m afraid I don’t
have time.
Would you like to have breakfast with
me tomorrow?
Yes, I’d like that.I appreciate the invite,
but I
Would you like to join me for lunch?Sounds good!I don’t think I can.
D’ya wanna grab a coffee after class?Sure! I can.I’m really sorry, but…