List of English Homophones

Homophones are words that sound alike but are spelled differently. Words that sound the same but have different meanings and usually different spellings.

Here is detailed homophones list in english;

Ad Add
Aid Aide
Ail Ale
Aisle isle
Allowed Aloud
Alter Altar
Ant Aunt
Arc Ark
Ate Eight
Aught Ought

Awl All
Bail Bale
Ball Bawl
Band Banned
Bare Bear
Baron Barren
Based Baste
Be Bee
Beach Beech
Bear Bare
Beat Beet
Beau Bow
Beer Bier
Belle Bell
Berry Bury
Berth Birth
Buy Bye
Buy By
Cache Cash
Canvas Canvass
Capital Capitol
Caret Carrot
Caret Carat
Caries Carries
Cast Caste
Cause Caws
Code Seed
Cell Sell
Cellar Seller
Census Senses
Cent Sent
Cent Scent
Cents Sense
Cereal Serial
Chaste Chased
Cheap Cheep
Chews Choose
Chili Chilly
Choir Quire
Choral Coral
Chute Shoot
Cite Site
Cite Sight
Climb Clime
Close Clothes
Coarse Course
Discussed Disgust
Doe Dough
Dual Duel
Earn Urn
Ewe You
Eye I
Fair Fare
Feat Feet
Find Fined
Flare Flair
Flea Flee
Flew Flu
Flower Flour
For Four
Forth Fourth
Foul Fowl
Freeze Frieze
Gamble Gambol
Gate Gait
Gilt Guilt
Gored Gourd
Gorilla Guerrilla
Higher Hire
Him Hymn
Hoard Horde
Hoarse Horse
Hole Whole
Holy Wholly
Hour Our
Hour Are
Idle Idol
In Inn
Incite Insight
Its It’s
Jam Jamb
Jeans Genes
Knead Need
Knew New
Knight Night
Know No
Lain Lane
Lessen Lesson
Levy Levee
Loan Lone
Madder Matter
Mail Male
Mall Maul
Marc mark
Miner Minor
Morn Mourn
Nap Knap
Need Knead
Nice Niece
No Know
None Nun
One Won
Our Hour
Overdo Overdue
Owe Oh
Paced Paste
Packed Pact
Pain Pane
Pair Pare
Peer Pier
Petal Pedal
Plain Plane
Pray Prey
Principal Principle
Rack Wrack
Rap Wrap
Real Reel
Reign Rein
Ring Wring
Rude Rued
Sail Sale
Sax Sacks
Sea see
Seen Scene
Sensor Censor
Sent Cent
Serial Cereal
Session Cession
Sink Sync
Soar Sore
Soled Sold
Sum Some
Sun Son
Tail Tale
Tea Tee
Tear Tier
Tide Tied
Toad Toed
Too Two
Urn Earn
Vain Vane
Vale Veil
Vary Very
Vice Vise
Waist Waste
Walk Wolk
We Wee
Week Weak
Yoke Yolk
Yore Your