Synonym Words With A in English


Synoynm words in English. Please follow the list;

Synonym” means a word which has the same or nearly the same meaning as another word in the same language. To reach detailed synonym words with A in english ( synonym words starting with letter – A ), follow the list;

Synonym Words With A
abandon desert, forsake
abbreviate shorten, condense
ability skill, aptitude
able capable, qualified
above overhead
abundant ample, sufficient
accurate correct, right
achieve accomplish, attain
active energetic, animated
adamant firm, unyielding
add increase, total
adequate sufficient, enough
adjourn postpone, recess
adult grown-up
advocate support, recommend
after following, next
afraid frightened, scared
aggressive assertive, pushy
aid help, assist
always forever
amateur beginner, novice
ambitious aspiring, driven
antagonize provoke, embitter
apparent obvious, evident
approve accept, ratify, endorse
arrive reach, come
arrogant haughty, stuck-up
artificial fake, synthetic
ask question, inquire
atrocious dreadful, contemptible
authentic genuine, real, factual
average ordinary, fair
awful dreadful, atrocious
awkward clumsy, uncoordinated