100 Examples of Present Continuous Tense Sentences

100 Examples of Present Continuous Tense Sentences

1.The boys are playing football after school.

2.They are learning Spanish now.

3.Why aren’t you doing your homework?

4.Suzan is ironing her clothes right now.

5.Mary is at university. She’s studying chemistry.

6.She is working right now.

7.They aren’t studying English these days.

8.She is constantly changing her hair color.

9.Children are studying their lessons.

10.The man is talking on the phone.

11.You are not sleeping now.

12.They have been arguing.

13.You see, I’m eating.

14.My mother is coming home.

15.What are you doing now?

16.The fans are shouting with joy.

17.He is not working very hard.

18.I’m not watching TV right now.

19.Children are playing in the park.

20.What is Mr. Samuel doing?

21.The company is doing well this year.

22.Birds are chirping in the trees.

23.We are printing a new book.

24.You look sad. Why are you crying?

25.She is playing football.

26.People are waiting for the plane to take off.

27.She is not going with you.

28.I’m going to the doctor right now.

29.I am not giving it back to you.

30.Many workers are participating in sports.

31.You are not doing that, right?

32.I’m driving right now, see you later.

33.They are playing basketball.

34.The bus is coming, be quick.

35.I am meeting some friends after work.

36.My father is trying to fix the car.

37.I am becoming better at sitting exams.

38.He is not writing a letter.

39.I’m trying to fix the computer.

40.She is not going with you.

41.They are trying to understand the code.

42.They are running now.

43.My father trying to fix the broken leg of the chair.

44.Are you not talking?

45.She is reading a book.

46.I am not giving it back to you.

47.My father is flying to Madrid next month.

48.My son is currently studying.

49.We aren’t going.

50.It is not helping to me, please stop it.

51.He is trying to do his homework.

52.The secretary is trying to prepare the report.

53.He isn’t working on Monday.

54.Mom and Dad are playing tennis.

55.The train is moving, hurry up.

56.Players are fighting hard to win the match.

57.I am exercising in the park.

58.It is not helping to me, please stop it.

59.We are sitting at the cafe with friends.

60.Are you playing football?

61.The old man is watering the garden.

62.He is shopping at the market.

63.Mary is sitting next to me.

64.The mechanic is trying to fix the engine.

65.I’m walking my dog.

66.The sun is shining, and the birds are singing.

67.We’re currently travelling around London.

68.I’m preparing dinner for you.

69.We are not sleeping.

70.We are eating meat now. It is delicious!

71.I’m not playing football this weekend.

72.Hurry up! The bus is leaving.

73.You are listening music.

74.Is it raining outside?

75.The students are watching the football match.

76.I am helping my father.

77.Alex is going to a new school next term.

78.We are moving to London.

79.The plane is leaving, we’re late.

80.They are not coming, sorry.

81.Everyone is listening attentively in the math class.

82.People are eating in the restaurant.

83.We’re meeting at two o’clock.

84.The population of the World is rising very fast.

85.Scientists are still working to find a vaccine.

86.I’m going to the library.

87.They are playing the guitar in the classroom.

88.It’s raining heavily.

89.I am studying English.

90.It is not helping to me, please stop it.

91.Police warn drivers.

92.I’m taking you to the market.

93.You are not reading a book right now.

94.The boy is not studying.

95.My mother is cleaning the house.

96.My brother is not sleeping now.

97.He is currently trying to complete his novel.

98.My sister is not completing her work.

99.They are not working with us.

100.He is getting fatter and fatter because of this sickness.