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12 tenses formula with example

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12 Tenses formula with Example in english

Present SimpleI have a car.I don’t have a car.Do I have a car?
Present ContinuousYou are playing football now.You are not playing football now.Are you playing football now?
Present PerfectThey have been there.They haven’t been there.Have they been there?
Present Perfect ContinuousI have been living here.I haven’t been living here.Have they been living here?
Past SimpleI lived in London.I didn’t live in London.Did I live in London?
Past ContinuousI was playing.I wasn’t playing.Was I playing?
Past perfectHe had worked.He had not worked.Had he worked?
Past Perfect ContinuousI had been watching.I had not been watching.Had I been watching?
Future SimpleI will come.I will not come.Will I come in?
Future ContinuousI will be playing basketball.I won’t be playing basketball.Will I be playing basketball?
Future PerfectHe will have finished.He will not have finished.Will he have finished?
Future Perfect ContinuousWe will have been starting.We will not have been starting.Will we have been starting?

12 Tenses formula with Example in english

Simple Presentplay basketball every week.
Present ProgressiveI’m playing basketball now.
Simple Pastplayed basketball yesterday.
Past Progressivewas playing basketball the whole evening.
Present Perfecthave just played basketball.
Present Perfect Progressivehave been playing basketball for 3 hours.
Past Perfecthad played basketball before mary came.
Past Perfect Progressivehad been playing basketball when Mary came.
Future – willwill play basketball next week.
Future – going toI’m going to play basketball this afternoon.
Future Progressivewill be playing basketball next Sunday.
Future Perfectwill have played basketball by tomorrow.