150 examples of present tense past tense and past participle

150 examples of present tense past tense and past participle

1.I will not have been shopping in Wednesday, you can come to see me.

2.Will you have been making a cake in the kitchen?

3.She will not have been seeing her, because she is angry.

4.When I finish this school, I will have been learning French for ten years.

5.How long will you have been dating on April 12th?

6.By the end of this week, will I have been living with his for five months?

7.He will not have been reading a newspaper tomorrow.

8.By the end of this year, I will not have been working for the company for three years.

9.By next week, we will have earned lots of money.

10.They will not have been married by next year.

11.Will he have learned all information about this job by May?

12.My mother will not have prepared breakfast by the time my father and brother wake up.

13.The plane will have landed by that time.

14.Please, it will not have finished tomorrow if you are not going to start now!

15.She will not have seen you if you do not apologize.

16.Arya will have married George by then.

17.John will be running a marathon this Monday.

18.When you arrive, I will be sitting in the park.

19.I will not be loving you.

20.Will you be waiting for me?

21.It will be raining at this time tomorrow.

22.He will not be visiting his friends this time next week.

23.Will she be watching TV?

24.I am not going to taking shower when you will come.

25.I will not be trying to do it, do not worry, I promise.

26.They will not be writing letter to each other.

27.I will read the newspaper when I go to bus station.

28.I will miss you when you move to another country.

29.We think, We will be back on Monday from holiday.

30.You can’t carry this luggage yourself. I will help you.

31.Your mother will love you forever.

32.She will tell you something.

33.You will not be there if you do not remember that you should be.

34.It will rain, I can understand it from the dark clouds.

35.How about you, won’t you tell me?

36.I will not see you if I will not come.

37.We will swim on Sundays.

38.I visited yesterday with my cousin.

39.I passed the math exam.

40.Yesterday the mechanic fixed my car.

41.I worked for 3 hours yesterday.

42.My brother was not at home.

43.The flat was sold 2 months ago.

44.We did not come.

45.We went to the shopping mall.

46.My father bought a red car.

47.I have read this book 3 times.

48.We got married twenty years ago.

49.My parents went to the cottage.

50.Didn’t you get the tickets?

51.I went to Madrid on vacation last year.

52.My father bought a new house.

53.You were not at work last Monday.

54.I learned that not everything on the internet is true.

55.I said don’t bother here.

56.They hosted us very well.

57.They left without saying goodbye to us.

58.The weather was beautiful yesterday.

59.What time did you go to bed yesterday?

60.We played basketball last Sunday.

61.Didn’t he tell you the other day?

62.My sister graduated from school with first place.

63.I passed 6th grade.

64.We won the match and became champions.

65.I told you the computer is broken.

66.I installed the program on the computer.

67.I brushed my teeth in the morning.

68.I took the exam three weeks ago.

69.The teacher introduced a new topic.

70.I went to the party yesterday.

71.I went to the military ten years ago.

72.The three of us shared a chocolate.

73.I went to the theater at 7 o’clock.

74.I went to Italy last year.

75.They have had the same experience!

76.We have constructed a bridge.

77.My mother has not washed the dishes.

78.I have already written the report.

79.The officer has not typed the letter yet.

80.Mary has washed her car.

81.Have you packed your bag yet?

82.I have never been to USA.

83.Samuel hasn’t called for eight months.

84.Have you finished reading the newspaper yet?

85.I have never seen a famous person.

86.They’ve not played basketball.

87.I’ve saved money for a new house.

88.He has gone on vacation.

89.Has your brother finished decorating yet?

90.I have had five quizzes and six tests so far this holiday.

91.We have just bought a new car.

92.I have lived in London for 3 years.

93.He has just scored a goal.

94.She has worked here for six years.

95.I have never done that before, please do not blame me for this behavior.

96.I have not finished my homework yet

97.Have you ever been married?

98.My brother has run 10 miles.

99.He has forgotten his keys.

100.I have already paid the bills.

101.I’ve visited four of our clients today.

102.Have you done your homework?

103.Have you written a letter?

104.We have lost my keys.

105.Have you seen that film before?

106.They haven’t phoned me.

107.My sister has had a baby.

108.Have you ever seen this band before?

109.What is Mr. Samuel doing?

110.The company is doing well this year.

111.Birds are chirping in the trees.

112.We are printing a new book.

113.You look sad. Why are you crying?

114.She is playing football.

115.People are waiting for the plane to take off.

116.She is not going with you.

117.I’m going to the doctor right now.

118.I am not giving it back to you.

119.Many workers are participating in sports.

120.You are not doing that, right?

121.I’m driving right now, see you later.

122.They are playing basketball.

123.The bus is coming, be quick.

124.I am meeting some friends after work.

125.My father is trying to fix the car.

126.I am becoming better at sitting exams.

127.He is not writing a letter.

128.I’m trying to fix the computer.

129.She is not going with you.

130.They are trying to understand the code.

131.They are running now.

132.My father trying to fix the broken leg of the chair.

133.Are you not talking?

134.Scientific articles are written in the company.

135.He doesn’t teach math.

136.The train leaves at 10:30 in the morning.

137.She always forgets her purse.

138.The trees here are very tall.

139.The train leaves the station at 11 p.m. tomorrow.

140.He comes here every week.

141.When does class begin tomorrow?

142.How often does it rain in London?

143.Do they eat meat?

144.We go to a gallery every Sunday.

145.You know that I love you.

146.20 workers work in the factory.

147.Trees shed their leaves in autumn.

148.Children love the park.

149.I like reading detective stories.

150.Water freezes at zero degrees.