20 Sentences in Simple Present Tense

Examples of simple present tense, examples sentences, 20 Sentences in Simple Present Tense;

20 Sentences of Simple Present Tense1. It usually rains every day here.

2. It smells very delicious in the kitchen.

3. We generally sing songs all together.

4. We go to a gallery every Sunday.

5. Does he write an email?

6. The sun rises at the east.

7. Julie talks very fast.

8. My brother’s dog barks a lot.

9. She goes to work by car.

10. It doesn’t rain here in the summer.

11. We cook every day.

12. We go to the gym club together.

13. You have a big house.

14. I like reading detective stories.

15. I like geography and science.

16. She doesn’t study German on Monday.

17. Does she live in London?

18. She plays basketball.

19. He catches the train every morning.

20. Michael doesn’t work.